I will now start to analyze some basic information about myself.

My name is Harrys Stratigakis.I am 20 years old and born at the 29th of December in Athens in Greece and lived there till the age of 11.There I had practiced one of my hobbies that was football,but unfortunately stopped after i moved in Khania at Crete.Till now I live in Khania and to this day i have been practicing my second hobby that is Tae kwo nto. Also,after passing the exams at my 3rd grade in high school,where i was at the age of 18,i was admitted into the University of Crete to start my college life and to start learning about my basic interest which is Marketing. That is the one thing that i mostly wanted to and still want to learn and do for the rest of my life. As a person i am pretty much calm and composed and try to think everything thouroughly as well as putting everything i need and have to do into a reasonable schedule so i can have free time for anything.