My current main hobby is Tae kwo Nto.I am practicing it since 2008 where i was 12 years old,by the time i had moved in Khania. I started it in a gym near my house and i was usually going after i had finished all my english lessons and school lessons. At first it was quite difficult to get used to this martial art since even though my kicks were strong i lacked in techinque. After i got out of this problem through years of training and became a fairly good athlette,I started going to small tournaments and have official matches with other people from other gym or training schools.By these tournaments i became even better since i trained even more to reach the desired outcome and level and plus,everytime i went into a match,i took some useful experience through it. At the current time,i still practice as much as i can and whenever there’s a tournament up,i try to get inside and win as many matches as i can and further practice my skills and techinques so i can go to bigger tournaments organized outisde in other countries with even better athlettes.