Inflation of currency in MMOs

In MMOs unlike the real world, money is printed from  nothing, which results in the economy of the game becoming  Hyper-inflated,

in turn making the in-game currency useless and resulting in players using other things (like crystals or rings) as the currency.

The game developers try to combat that inflation is by creating money “sinks”, meaning places that players can pay in-game money to buy something or pay for a fee

resulting in the game “burning” that money removing them from the total, those money sinks are consumable items like potions or limited buffs and ammunition, repair fees on equipment or having a mass destruction of items or fees for using in-game services like the auction house or having a guild, this strategy tho can only go that far before becoming a detriment to the game.

Some companies tried using real world methods in order to save the currency,  things like giving the in-game currency real world value.

All these methods aren’t perfect and can’t completely save the economy of an MMO but as time passes more and more strategies are going to emerge and maybe the problems will get solved.

This is a very simplistic article about this complicated matter, if you want more info on this topic go to this link and if you liked the videos go to Extra Credits on youtube to see more of them.